Hello, I am a creative developer and designer from Finland. I specialize in innovative solutions and user-centered designs, delivering high-quality, functional and visually appealing products. I stay updated with the latest trends and technologies and am dedicated to creating unique and engaging experiences for my clients and users.

I’m currently working at Siili One on some of the worlds best value for consult. Before that, I worked at Eficode where I helped shape the future of website builders and tools to help small businesses thrive online. I also build tools like Design Tokens for Sketch

Work of my creation


May 2019 - Present

Siili One

Frontend engineer

I am currently working with a public service development team where I am helping to create services for farmers and officials that facilitate their work. My responsibilities include understanding how tasks are performed and the challenges that legislation poses for the development of these applications. As part of my work, I am producing UI designs based on requirements and implementing them as interactive pages using the Angular library.

Nov 2018 - May 2019


Lead Designer

At Eficode, I worked as a UI/UX designer and front-end developer, collaborating with clients to develop their digital services. I was responsible for creating engaging user experiences and user interfaces, and my work helped to improve the functionality and accessibility of their digital products. In addition to my design work, I was also passionate about building a strong sense of community among Eficode's employees. I spearheaded initiatives to foster team cohesion, such as organizing team-building events and facilitating cross-departmental collaboration. Through these efforts, I helped to create a more supportive and collaborative workplace culture.

Jan 2018 - Oct 2018

UX Designer

I decided to apply for a job at Finland's largest e-commerce platform. As a UX/UI designer, my role was to be part of the agile development process for and contribute to the design of its website interface and user experience. I worked on combining marketing and product development and was responsible for identifying the target customers.

Jan 2016 - Jan 2018


UX Designer

I worked as a UI/UX designer and front-end developer at Eficode, a consulting firm. I had the opportunity to work on various client projects, as well as develop Eficode's own business services and marketing materials. This experience helped me develop strong skills in both design and development, and I am excited to bring this experience to my next role.

Jul 2013 - Apr 2015

DDB Helsinki Oy

Digital Developer

At DDB Helsinki Oy, I was involved in the development and production of web and mobile applications for large and mid-sized companies. One of my major challenges was working within tight deadlines while ensuring that services and ad campaigns were designed with customer metrics in mind.

Jun 2012 - Jun 2013


Web Designer, Ui specialist

I worked as a UI designer and developer at Nearme, a startup that specialized in developing Angular-based mobile applications using native JavaScript libraries and jQuery. As a subcontractor for large advertising agencies, we received a lot of pre-existing design work to implement under tight deadlines, all while working using the agile methodology. Additionally, we developed our own mobile app advertising automation technology that was ahead of its time, similar to what is doing today.

Apr 2011 - Mar 2012


Web Devoloper

I worked at a marketing agency called Hinku, where we developed websites for clients' advertising campaigns. I worked as a web developer and designer, creating content management system-based websites and other multimedia products such as advertising banners for public transport displays. I collaborated with copywriters and art directors.

Oct 2010 - Apr 2011

Fonecta Oy

Web/SEO Analyst

I worked at Fonecta Oy in search engine optimization, where I helped clients develop better ways to improve their service rankings on search engines. I provided them with suggestions and helped them make changes independently. Additionally, I optimized their site metadata and HTML structure, and improved their CSS for better usability.